Friday, November 14, 2008

Did You Start Christmas Shopping Yet?

The Christmas shopping season is upon us!

I have decided to become an Amazon Associate. I am frequently trying to find ways to earn money or save money during the holidays. I thought if I became an Amazon Associate, I might be able to earn a little cash so that I can afford to buy some gifts for my family this year.

If you could help me out, I would MUCH appreciate it! No pressure though....just if you were thinking of ordering something thru Amazon, and you don't mind taking a detour, you can order the same things at Amazon by way of my site.

I will earn a percentage if you shop Amazon through my link on the right sidebar. The Amazon link goes right to my store where you can find any Amazon product. I will also earn if you shop Amazon through either the Deals box or Amazon Search box on the right sidebar. Amazon has some SUPER big steals and deals on toys during the Christmas season! I always shop for toys at Amazon every year.

Anyway, thanks for letting me plug my new venture and any time you want to order an Amazon product, please do it thru ME! :)

Thanks! :)

Leanne Sig.

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Nikki said...

I will keep you in mind :)

Gretta said...

Dang it. I just ordered something from Amazon last week. I didn't spend a whole lot $40.00 but I know every little bit adds up quick. If I order anything again, I will do it through you.

Leanne said...

Thanks ladies :)

One thing...I noticed that it's easier to shop Amazon using the search widget box on the side bar. My store is limited because you can't search the outlet. My store will show sale prices, but I still think using the search box widget is easier and more accurate. I'll see if I can fix the store. If it won't let me, I might do away with the store. I'm all about finding the items with the lowest prices!