Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Check MY Spelling!

This is what I'm shouting at myself. Have you ever realized that you have been spelling a word (or 2 in my case!) WRONG for your whole life???

I just realized I've been spelling the word, Background, wrong! I've been simply spelling it, Backround. Geesh.

Several years ago, I realized I was spelling, Grateful, wrong too. Of course simple old Leanne was spelling it, Greatful. Geesh again.

Now I'm wondering what other words I've been spelling wrong! With Spellcheck everywhere these days, you would think I would never have any spelling errors.

Now I'll be paranoid that you all will see my many faults with each post. Eek!

Spellcheck, you are now going to be my *new* best friend.

P.S....have you ever wondered what the most often misspelled words in the English language are? Hint, misspelled is one of them. Check out alphaDictionary.com. Did you remember that the words, a while, were separate? Or are you still spelling it, awhile? Sometimes, I'm guilty as charged on that one. Now when it comes to the words, a lot, I never fail. It isn't spelled, alot. Nope. I remember learning about that one in school.

alphaDictionary.com even has memory medicine to help you remember the correct way of spelling a word.

Now, if I could only remember what I was taught about grammar! -sigh-

4 Whaddaya have to say about this post?:

Gretta said...

I am a bad speller also. That is why I love and use spell check all the time.

Nikki said...

Interesting site. I always spell "definitely" wrong. (I had to look that up.)

Caity said...

I'm sorry, but that's funny! I totally relate! I'm the worst speller ever! Joel reads over my shoulder and corrects me all the time! It's okay, don't feel bad. We love you!

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Ugh. I can relate too. I always spell "definitely" wrong too! And "surprise." And I never know whether it is "effect" or "affect." I feel bad for people who are trying to learn English. If it is confusing for us, just imagine how they must feel!