Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something To Think About Saturday

For Randa, but it's also for ME!
Sometimes we just like acting like a 2-year old when things don't go our way. We want to stomp
our feet and scream 'til our face turns a nice shade of crimson.
And guess what? I'm thinking that sometimes that's ok !! Vent that frustration! (when no one is around however....or they might think you're the biggest *freeeeeak*on earth.)
But don't do this every time you have a problem.
Only when it's a BIG one and you're really ~super~ frustrated. Go ahead and scream into the pillow for a few seconds......................
But then take this advice.......never........ ever QUIT. Don't give up or things will never......ever get better. Scream a little and move on.
*Note to self.......do this or go NUTZ! :)~

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Megan said...

If this was on facebook, I'd be clicking that little thumb that says "like this." :) I love the way you scrapped it too, girl! You're so awesome, Leanne.

Leanne said...

Actually, I put it on FB first! lol. I like to use a lot of the freebies that I find, but don't always remember where I got them. Am I supposed to acknowledge those people every time? I'm not sure of the proper digi-scrapping etiquette!

Randa said...

Thanks for the thought Leanne. I appreciate you thinking of me.

Caity said...

It's nice feeling like I have permission!