Monday, July 13, 2009

G&G Time

We spent a little time with Grandma & Grandpa today. I thought I'd share a few photos. Grandpa brought over his Trikke. Brycen had a *blast* riding it!

First we watched from the window as Brycen learned how to ride the Trikke, but I just haaad to get out there and snap some shots. So much fun!Quality time with G'pa.

Look at the smile on his face! I love that HE was loving it.

I guess Grandpa rides his Trikke on the bike trails here in town. He received this fun bike from my sister in-law Sheryl for his Father's Day gift. What a cool gift it is! And unique.

Ava and Grandma watching from the window.

What a sweet picture huh? You know I'll be digi-scrappin' it!

Sunday was a good day to spend with family. I love making new memories!

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