Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Try it Tuesday......Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme

*Help!* I really need some guidance when it comes to home hair coloring kits. I'm in a place right now that has no room for a trip to the salon. I have to color my own hair. I don't have very much gray, but I'm past the point of just being able to rip those suckers out. I have to color. I have very dark brown hair so every gray shows.

I used to be able to get away with just buying a root touch-up kit. It would cover the gray and I'd be fine. Not any longer. I need the whole sha-bang. I've only used 3 different kits so far.

Today I used the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme. I chose it because it was on sale for only $4.99 at Walgreens. I love sales. I can't bring myself to pay twice as much without atleast trying the one that is on sale.

I grabbed the Dark Chocolate flavor.....I mean color....hee hee. I don't usually stray from food Try It Tuesdays do I??

The first thing I noticed about this brand is that it has fruit oil concentrate. Hmm. What will that do for me? Hopefully hold the color longer? The oil has avocado with vitamin E and fragrant grape seed oil. Well, I don't know exactly what those will do for me, but the scent is fabulous! I always thought that hair dye had to be smelly. That's just the way it goes. Not. This is a great scent. I'm used to my hair stinking for the first day or so and this is a nice change. The scent alone would make me want to buy it again. I'm not saying it's as nice as a perfume, I'm just saying it's a nice break from the normal strong chemical smell that hair dye has.

The cream was easy to put on my hair and stayed without dripping. I was able to pile my hair (which is quite long) on top of my head without it falling all over and dying my shoulders. I don't like hair nets or plastic hair covers. They make me feel especially old. I don't know why....it's just how I roll ok?

Anyway, the wait time is a little long. I had to sit with the coloring on my hair for 1/2 hour. But since it stayed in place so well, I guess I didn't mind the wait so much.

It comes with a one time use conditioner and was easily rinsed out in the shower.

I can't say how long this color will last since I'm just trying it for the first time today. But so far, so good. It's shiny, smells good and looks pretty good so far.

I would really like to hear of more opinions about home hair coloring kits. I could use a little advice as to what works well, has lasting color and shine. HELP ME! I think for a while I'll be doing this task on my own and not the salon. I like to stick close to my own hair color since I actually *like* the dark color. I primarily use the dye to cover the gray. I'm not much for changing my hair color to suit my mood. I guess I'm not that daring.

Anyway, if anyone has a good brand that they stick with that might be helpful to me, I'd love to hear about it. And you never know...you might just be rewarded. Yes, I'm thinking of doing a *~GIVE AWAY~* sometime soon! Who wants a Try It Tuesday product for freeeeeee???? Just think about it.....a Try It Tuesday of your choice sent right to your doorstep!

I'll fill you in later if I decide to join the give away bandwagon! Should I?
Oh hey...today is my sister AND my brother's birthday! I'm giving a shout-out to wish both Michelle & Lee a
*vErY HaPpy BiRThDAy*!!
EDIT: Ok, so I had to add an update about this coloring product. It's been only about 2 weeks and my gray roots are already showing. NoT HaPPy! I don't think my hair grew that fast. I think the color didn't stay in on the gray as well as it should have. I'm wondering if I need to ever use this product again. Someone else weigh in will ya? I really need to know what other brand works for gray hair.

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Gretta said...

I wanna try a try it Tuesday product for free.
Let me know how you like the hair dye product. I am already plucking the 4 gray hairs around my face constantly, but luckily for me my hair isn't just one color. I have lots of dark brown, lots of light brown, and some blonde in the mix so hopefully that will keep all the gray hidden for some time but the ones around my face when I put my hair up I can't stand. How come they grow so fast but the rest of my hair is slow growing? I have never fully died my hair. A few summers back Jon highlighted my hair with a box highlighter kit and it turned out great.

Anonymous said...

I use Color Silk "dark brown #03" and like it pretty well. Our hair's about the same color, I think. Not TOO stinky! lol One of the reasons I go for that one is that after you do an all over color, the touch up kits in the exact same shade are only a couple bucks. So, as long as I don't change colors, I can keep my hair dyed all year for less than $15. Nice sponge applicator too so there aren't any drips.

Nancy said...

Leanne!! I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude. This post finally gave me the courage to try to do my own hair after about 10 years of paying up the wazoo to have it done. I figured if you could do all the hair you have, I could certainly give it a try. And I think it turned out pretty darn good!

Now John has to figure out the riddle I gave him. What did I do last week that will save him about $55 every 6 weeks or so for the rest of my life? :)

Thanks again!

Leanne said...

Nancy- I looove the riddle! haha. Did John figure it out yet?! Glad you tried a home kit. I can't wait to see it!
I do think it's cheaper to do our own hair, but I just have to find the right product that will work for me. I'm not gray all over, but I do have quite a bit that shows. I can't pluck (4 hairs Gretta??? Really?!) because I have way too much.

Niki, your idea of the Color Silk might be worth a try. Do you mean Color Silk brand has their own root touch up? Because I use the Clairol one all the time and it's $5.99 on sale. I'd love to pay less considering I use the touch up about every 3 weeks. I'm so sick of coloring my hair so often! I'd love to go atleast 6 weeks. I just need to be educated.

Nancy said...

My gray is showing thru too, but I had that problem a couple times when it was professionally done, too. They tried a darker color and that worked better, so I'm going to try the next darker shade next time. But even with it starting to show thru it still looks better than it did--and for a lot cheaper, too.

And BTW, John never did figure it out and probably never will...