Monday, July 6, 2009

Queen of Random??

Today I might be the Queen of Random....because I've got tons of random pictures to share from random events. I'm so bad at keeping up with the events! I guess posting the pictures this way is the only way to document them since I'm so lame!

Get comfortable because this is a loooooong post!
Here we go.....

February 2009. Kind of blurry since I took this one with my cell phone. I thought it was so sweet that Molly wrote this on my van for me. BUT...when she got mad at me an hour later, poof! It was gone. Can't win 'em all.

Rick & I used one of our date nights to head to Detroit for a Red Wings game. It was a blast on St. Patrick's day! Although it looked more like Christmas with people wearing a sea of green hats/jersey's and then the usual red shirts for the Red Wings.

Red Wings triumphed 2-3!

I forgot the camera this night, but was still able to document the event with my cell phone. Molly was the narrator for her 6th grade choir musical Aladdin! She would speak while the show took place to the left (not showing) and the choir would sing behind her. She was very sick that night (swollen glands, fever) but the show must go on! We were very proud of her.

Another one taken from my cell phone. Rick had several Hurricane machines ready to go! It was awesome to see so many built in one place. His dream is on it's way to become a reality!

Ava just being cute.

On my Dad's 82nd birthday. (Left to Rt) My niece Kara, sister Sheri and Dad.

Ava & I in the spring. I love the green grass!

Ava loves the spring flowers. May 2009

Brycen received a trophy from his school reading program in May. He put in a lot of effort this year in the program. He worked hard on spelling too. Most tests were A's & B's. A big effort for a guy who would rather do math!

A rainbow blessing.

*sigh* My kids had a marker fight. I'm pretty sure they were permanent markers too. May 2009

Jillian and Brycen being goofy. Don't ask me why, but my kids thought it would be funny to put paper bags over their heads and get cars to honk at them. Weird!

Jillian was super glad to be out of school and head to the beach. June 14, 2009. We sure are lucky to live only 10 minutes from the big lake.

Molly's 1st year at Girls Camp! June 2009

Macie (middle), Jillian and friend Giselle at Girls Camp. This was Macie's 2nd year and Jillian was a YCL.

During Girls Camp this year (and last) the youth were able to volunteer their time to work on the old ship LST 393 by doing some interior painting. It's docked in Muskegon. Of the 1151 LST class ships built in WWII, this is only one of 2 remaining. (We are so lucky that girls camp is right here in our neck of the woods by the way.)

Doesn't Molly look totally stoked to be able to do this project?!

Molly really had to reach to paint. She came home with paint in her hair. Heck, she still might have paint in her hair!

Jillian with Ava t the Ward ice cream social in June. Ava loooooved the swings! Boy, did she ever cry when we had to leave!

Jillian and the GR stake went to Nauvoo, Ill. for their Youth Conference at the end of June. One of the most beautiful Temples! A few years ago, we went to Nauvoo ~3~ times in one summer! One of my favorite places. I'm so glad Jillian got to go again.

The beautiful view from the city of Nauvoo overlooking the Mississippi river.

I'm not sure who these youth are, but the kids had to pull these handcarts for about a mile so that they could get a glimpse of what the people of Nauvoo had to go through when leaving the city with whatever belongings they could handle. So many people had to leave much behind.

Jillian at the Carthage Jail near the visitors center.The jail in the back round. The statue is of Joseph & Hyrum Smith who were killed by a mob at the jail.

Carthage Jail, Carthage Illinois. The top window is the the one that Joseph Smith fell out of after being shot.

Not sure who this girl is, but here is the infamous bullet hole in the door. I wonder how many people have touched this? Can you imagine?

Typical Jillian :) And her friend Melissa on the bus ride home.

Poor Austin .....he fell asleep so some girls put paper in his mouth. Jillian insists that she didn't do it...she only took the picture. Hmmm.

Bubble fun! July 1st. Ava kept wanting to put the blower part right up to her mouth. I'm sure it didn't taste so great.

June 30th. I liked the pose in this photo.
June 30th. Jillian at the Wasiura's condo for Martin's birthday. She is trying to look studious, but look at the reading material she chose! haha.

4th of July fireworks in Montague/Whitehall this past Saturday.

I realize this one is super up-close....this is because that IS how close we were!!! No zooming needed! Sometimes it felt like they were going to come right down on us! We are lucky to be invited every year to my friend Liz's house which has THE best view of the White Lake fireworks display. I'm not kidding or exaggerating. Even the house next door doesn't have as nice of view. It IS THE BEST VIEW. Sometimes we have to crane our necks straight up in the air to see the larger fireworks. The kids have to lay on their backs in the pool. We sit on her huge deck and enjoy. Everyone (about 50 people?) brings a treat to share and the kids play in the heated pool. It's enjoyable for all. Plus, I get to see friends that we usually only get to see when they come from out of state during the summer months. I really appreciate that Liz invites us every year. She is a really sweet person.

I have more pictures but I think you would get really bored if I posted them all. I'll try to be more diligent in posting photos, but really, I spend too much time digi scrapping and Facebooking! I know, Bad Leanne.

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Nikki said...

That is some great catching up! I have SO SO SO much to catch up on!
Looks like lots of fun fro everyone this year though! :)

Gretta said...

It's about time (J/K) I got to see some more pictures of your family. Keep them coming since you guys are sooooo far away. Loved everyone of them.