Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pursue the Steady Course

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"While standards generally may totter, we of the Church are without excuse if we
drift in the same manner. We have standards—sure, tested, and effective. To the
extent that we observe them, we shall go forward. To the extent that we neglect
them, we shall hinder our own progress and bring embarrassment to the work
of the Lord
These standards have come from Him. Some of them may appear a
little out-of-date in our society, but this does not detract from their validity
nor diminish the virtue of their application. The subtle reasoning of men, no
matter how clever, no matter how plausible it may sound, cannot abridge the
declared wisdom of God."

--President Gordon B Hinckley, "Pursue the Steady Course", Ensign, Jan. 2005, 5

Leanne's thoughts: I really think ALL of the youth of the church need to read this quote. Heck, some adults do too. Maybe it should be read out loud in a statement kind of way. I don't mean in a lesson (although that is still a great idea), but as a message all by itself to be pondered over. Sometimes we need a 'to the point' message that has a tinge of bluntness in order for it to hit home. Saying that neglecting the standards can bring embarrassment to the work of the Lord, is quite to-the-point don't you think?

I think most youth would try harder to honor the standards if they really took a moment to sit down and think about the reason behind the purpose of those standards. It's so easy to get caught up in what is 'cool' and let some things slide. I like an 'in-your-face' approach sometimes. Of course a touch of love would be added so as to not offend. I think Pres. Hinckley's quote was a perfect blend of both.

I know that when teachings were put in my head strongly as a youth, I listened and thought about it that much more. That's why I really enjoyed going to stake youth activities. They always seemed to be well planned with a purpose. Now, as an adult, I need to make more of an effort to attend the adult stake events. What am I thinking by not attending some of these?! As parents we expect our youth to attend their youth activities so why wouldn't I want the same for myself?! Hypocrisy? Ugh. I vow to get better!!!
For the strength of youth and adults!!

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Nikki said...

Very good points Leanne. That is an excellent quote. We should do all we can to NOT be an embarrassment to the Lord's work. That's as good a motivation as any to be an example of the believers.