Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nursery Rocks!

I think the nursery in our church totally rocks. Probably more so than other ward nurseries if I do say so myself! We have a wonderful nursery leader that goes out of her way to make it an enjoyable class for the littlest primary kids in the ward.

She has a really cute bulletin board up with all the children's photos and she always teaches them lessons that, as a parent, I would want my child to learn. Look at this cute crown she made for all the kids! It's durable too! Just what a 2 year old needs. And it's an sweet reminder that she is a child of God.

I love that our leader gives the kids handouts that will help reinforce what they have been taught. They bring home things that they can either play with or look at to remind them.

We also have a fabulous music leader that sings each week with the children. I can hear them when I'm next door teaching my own lessons to the older kids. They sing and then Ava comes home and sings them for me and with me. So fun!

Many thanks to all the primary teachers and leaders in my Ward!!! Oh, and the presidency isn't too bad either....*wink*

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Megan said...

I totally agree! I don't know who is in charge around here, but what an AMAZING Primary! We have been beyond impressed. Seriously.

(Also impressive? This super cute photo and the header you made. Hello!!!)

Caity said...

I agree too! They are awesome! And seriously, I feel like a total and complete schmuck because I totally meant to try for the giveaway but I just haven't been in blogging land lately and I forgot and I was hoping I hadn't missed it, but I did!!! :( Don't hate me.

By the way...totally rockin Halloween blog!

Beth Soelberg said...

We were just saying tonight that Hunter's nursery leaders must train him well, because he always starts singing the "clean up" song and putting away his toys...without being told...it's a miracle!

Now that he's figured out how much fun it is, he likes to stay in nursery and have a good time. He still wears his "I Am a Child of God" visor all the time.

We really are blessed with some fabulous Primary leaders! :)