Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Try it Tuesday.....Schick Intuition Razor

This will be a short review, because I didn't like this razor and don't care to waste too much space about it.

I received a free Schick Intuition razor. I love free. I'm glad it was free because these things are just under $10 and the refills (you get 3) are almost as much. It comes with a cute suction cup hanger that works perfectly. That's the only thing I liked.

The razor itself is not easy to handle. It's big, bulky and wide. It kept slipping out of my hand. Not cool.

There is a moisturizing soap built up all around the blade. This is for convenience so they say. No more using a separate soap or shower gel. It's built right in! Nice concept, but it misses the mark. First of all, I couldn't really tell where I was shaving and because it was built in, it was almost 'too' smooth and again, I couldn't tell where I was shaving. It's hard to explain, but the few times I used this razor, I came out with streaks that weren't touched. Nothing like having rows of hair down your legs. Pinstripes! Nice. Not.

The soap only lasted about 4-6 shaves and it wore down unevenly. The soap on the bottom...closest to my skin, was gone before the top part. Not very useful. Wasteful even. Plus the razor lasts longer than the 'soap', so I had to use my own shave gel anyway. My Bic Soleil razors last much longer than this one too.

Why did they send me an Intuiton recently, when there is a new one called Schick Intuition PLUS?? Weird. Looks like the Plus verison is the same price, but it's handle is narrower and there are 4 blades. Duh Schick! Couldn't you have thought of that before?
I doubt I will even try the Plus version (unless it's free!).

Feel free to argue with me on this review, but I feel that this razor just isn't very useful to me. I'm glad I didn't waste any money on it.

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Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Ooh! That is so good to know! A new razor is on my list and I swear to you, there is a 90% chance I would have bought this exact razor. Whew. That was close! Do you like the Soleil one?

Leanne said...

Yep, I like the Soleil one. I use those the most. They last a long time. I think those strips of gel are useless though. They don't last long and I really can't see a difference when it's there, so that part is just gimmicky to me. But all in all, I like those and have been buying them instead of other kinds. Oh, the Meijer version of the Soleil? Not so great. Doesn't last as long and the head keeps popping off. Ugh.

Gretta said...

I got a similar razor in the mail a couple years ago and I have to agree with you on your post. Sounds like it could be a great razor but in reality it bites. I had the same problem with the soap not being even and not lasting very long and it is very bulkey.

Andrea said...

I use the schick silk effects. I like it because it has the little wires across the blades to decrease the chance of nicks and cuts. I have used it for so long I fear they may stop making it. What would I do then? Not use the intuition!

Holly said...

Ok- I have the Venus Spa (or something like that) and I love it. I got the suggestion from Nikki and I love the shave. I really reccommend it!!

Anonymous said...

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