Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Give, Oh Give-A-Way!

I did it. I've joined the *give-a-way* bandwagon!

Would you like to receive your very own Try It Tuesday product? For freeee?!

Just say yes. You know you want to.

Here's how it will work.......

Leave me a comment telling me which product that I have reviewed that you would loooooove to have sent right to your doorstep. You can find the Try It Tuesday products by using the search box or clicking on the label cloud on the right hand side of my blog. You'll have to scroll a bit to find it. If you are already a follower of my blog, you probably have a product already in mind!

Make sure when you comment, that you leave me a link to your blog or an e-mail address so I can contact you. If I already know you...no worries! Chances are, I know you anyway because my blog is teeeny tiny in the blogger world. Which, I might add, doesn't bother me a bit.

There.. are.. no.. rules.

LOL. Just kidding. I had to say that. Anyone watch the movie, "Rat Race"??

Ok, maybe not. *sigh*

Anyway, there is only one rule. If you do not live in my town, you cannot choose a product that needs to be refrigerated or frozen. Sorry...that's just too much work for moi. If you don't even know where I live, then make it easy and just choose something that needs no refrigeration okay? Thanks!

Oh, I lied. There are 2 rules. The winner needs to "try" the product and then e-mail me to let me know how they liked it. Sort of a mini review if you will. If you would include a photo of yourself actually using the product.....well, then you become my new best friend. (although a photo isn't really necessary....and who needs another friend to annoy you anyway?!)

So go ahead and leave me that comment! You know you want to.

Just make sure you do it soon because this give-a-way lasts only until *Sunday, September 27th.* On Monday the 28th, I'll pick a weeeeener!!

6 Whaddaya have to say about this post?:

Nancy said...

Hey, a giveaway! Yippeeee!!

Now, you would think that I would like to try something sweet, something chocolate. Right?? But if I did that then I would just gobble it up right away and have nothing to show for it. Right?? So I thought about it and decided that I would like to try one of the Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candles. At least I'd have something to show for having WON something--for a while, anyway. And do I get to pick a fragrance? You will probably remember that my favorites pretty much matched with what you liked at Kara's party, so I'll even let you pick for me. And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!

Nikki said...

I'm gonna have to choose the Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate cookies because I am totally addicted!!

Rachel said...

Awww, man, Nancy stole my answer! Ever since I read your review of the Glade Soy candles I've wanted one of my own! My heart is all aflutter with anticipation! ;)

Leanne said...

Rachel...you can still like and want the same thing as Nancy ya know! If you win, just tell me the scent you like and I'll do my best to locate it.

And, speaking of YOU...I'd love to look at your blog but I don't have an invite. Can you invite me somehow? Unless you don't want me to look at it that is. :)

Gretta said...

My first choice is from the freezer section, but since I live far away and that isn't an option. My next choice is the Glade Soy Candles in a fall scent of your choice.

Holly said...

Ok- I would REALLY choose the TIT (you can always count on me to abbriviate!!) Ice Hockey Desserts edition, because I think you have to make me all of those treats. Since NONE of them are Lactose Free, I would have to choose THE HURRICANE, with the Fall coming, ya know... But then I remembered that wasn't actually a TIT. I thought about voting for the uncrustable sandwiches, because they have always seemed interesting to me, but my kids would probably eat them all. So I guess I have decided on.... Oxiclean. You didin't like it, I do. In fact I have some right now. Basically, I just really want to win. Something. Please??

BTW- WOW I have a lot of catching up to do on your BLOG!!! :)