Sunday, October 21, 2007

Caramel Appley Day

It's fall and fall wouldn't be complete without making caramel apples would it?

Ok, I don't make them every year with my kids....but I did this year!

After a trip to the grocery store, we got started on our caramel apple making. Nope, no homemade caramel here. I'm not Martha Stewart. I have 5 kids for heaven sakes. Ok, one of these times I will do it homemade. But since I remember doing this activity with my own mother and sisters, I decided to keep the same tradition and use the round caramel pieces packaged on wax paper. As a bonus, we also bought some in a tub that just needs to be microwaved.

Not much work here....just place the circle of caramel over the apple and push the stick in. Next, microwave them for about 40 seconds.

I love how you can see Brycen's reflection in the granite!

Next we decided to add some pizazz to our apples. We didn't have any nuts or the "normal" things placed onto caramel apples, so we just decided to use red and blue sprinkles that were left over from sugar cookie decorating. That wasn't good enough for the 3 kiddos, so we crushed some Whoppers (malted milk balls). The kids had messy fun with this!

All done and ready to eat!

Trouble is.....after all was said and done, only ONE of my kiddos actually wanted to eat them!


Both Brycen & Molly said they didn't like caramel. Go figure.

By the way, Jillian did complain that she missed the fun. But per her request, I'm stating the fact that she couldn't join since she was being, in her exact words, "righteous" by going to the Stake Youth Activity instead. :)

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Holly said...

YEA Jillian!! Keep being good! The caramel that you used it EXACTLY the same we used as kids. I can still smell what it smelled like. Funny kids- my kids won't eat them either. What is wrong with kids these days? I remember after we made these once, Nikki ate mine and my mom got soo mad at her. I still feel bad about that. I didn't really care THAT much... Sorry Nik.. You can have my all of my caramel apples for the rest of my life. (I can't eat them now anyway, but I would still give them to you...) :)

Nikki said...

Ok Hol- I KNEW you would have to tell that story. What can I say- I can't resist sugar... caramel is especially yummy. I could eat one of those sheets of caramel right now. (How many points are they Leanne?)
Way to be righteous Jillian!

Leanne said...

Lol...yer darn tootin' I checked the points! Only 3 pts per sheet of caramel. YUM. Add a small apple and it's a nice snack for 4 pts. Of course I don't eat the ones with the sugar or Whoppers, but a plain one will do just fine :)

Anonymous said...

I lovvve fruit! especialy ones covered in ooey gooey aramel

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

Hey Leanne, You inspired me again. I decided to dip some apples with my kids to keep them busy during "fire days" off school. We made a special trip to the store just to buy apples and caramel. Funny, they had fun dipping and then rolling them in mini m&m's but I still have 3 in the fridge! I guess one gooey apple is enough for anyone for awhile! (or a Weihl) ;-)