Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bacon Exotic Candy Bar

Would you like a little chocolate with your BACON?!

I just can't get over this one. I stumbled upon this by accident this morning. The company, Vosges Chocolate, makes a bacon flavored chocolate. What?! They label it, "exotic". Ok, I believe them...but it's more on the weird side than exotic in my opinion.

The description is this: Deep milk chocolate coats your mouth and leads to the crunch of smoked bacon pieces. Surprise your mouth with the smoked salt and sweet milk chocolate combination

The title to this post is a clickable link to the company website and a description from the inventor as to why she decided to make chocolate with bacon pieces. Her long time dream?!
They charge $7.00 plus shipping for 3 oz. of the crunchy, bacon-ey weirdness. In case you're wondering...um,no...it won't be seen on any Try it Tuesdays in the future. Although.....It might make a good White Elephant gift for my family Christmas party!

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iZING said...

I love bacon.. and I love chocolate but I've considered eating them together. I might try it however, just for the fun of it. I once ate a mustard milkshake.. it was on a dare and yes, I ate the whole thing!

Nikki said...


Leanne said...

Mustard milkshake?! Too funny....and...er....gross. Haha.

As a teen, I remember going out for dessert after a Super Saturday and a friend earned a dollar (or maybe less actually!) by drinking a glass of water with lots of 'goodies' in it. Things like salt, pepper...spit! Yummo. His brother once ate a large dead locust for money. Mmmmm.

Love your comical captions blog izing!