Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

It's recipe time!
This recipe couldn't be any easier. They call them muffins, but I tend to think they are more like a cupcake. They are great for fall or any 'ol time!

Pumpkin Cake Mix Muffins

1 box of cake mix, spice flavor
15 oz. can of pumpkin (100% pure, not pie mix)
1/2 cup water

Bake at 350 for 20 min.

If you would like to count Weight Watcher points: Bake 24 muffins at 2 pts. each.

This is a photo of another version using chocolate cake mix instead of spice. It's really more for those who would rather not taste the pumpkin (ie...Leanne!)These will in no way taste like pumpkin. Just substitute the spice cake mix for a chocolate one. Weight Watcher points are the same.

You can also make the same recipe using only 1 can of diet sprite or any other flavor pop in place of the pumpkin. The 1/2 c. water will NOT be needed. You can then play around with different cake mix flavors and pop flavors. Leanne likes Rootbeer with chocolate cake mix, but I bet orange pop with white cake mix would be a treat too. Mmm.

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Anonymous said...

that sure looks delish!!! I would love those on a cold blustry fall day bundled up by the fireplace with a good book!!!

Nikki said...

I always get compliments on the pumpkin muffins- they are so yummy. I make cupcakes with the cake mix and diet sprite too. I especially like lemon. Yum! Just put some Cool Whip free on top- 1 point so you can eat more
than one! :) And cheaper than the Weight Watchers cakes.

Leanne said...

Yes! There are so many varieties of the diet pop in them. Sooo yummy. I forgot to mention adding the cool whip. I like ff redi-whip too. The pumpkin ones are a great way to add some fiber.

I fogot that Holly said you were on WW Nikki! I had lost 33 pounds before I was pregant with Ava. Now I'm basically back where I started :(
I didn't take my own advice to stay OP and just add some points. Darn it! Why didn't I listen! haha

Austin said...
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Austin said...

Hi leanne i hav a blog too so if u nt to se it just ask once its up

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

Thank you for this post! I've been buying the WW muffins and at a buck a piece that didn't thrill me. I'm going to stop on the way home from work and get the looong list of ingredients ;) and try these out!

Leanne said...

Thanks Elizabeth :)

I checked out your blogs....oh wow...drool city! Your cupcakes look so delicious. Especially the PB frosting ones. Mmm. Also, Joe is a beauty! Looks like he's really loved. Good luck on WW..it's a great plan.