Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Try it Tuesday

Fiber One Bars

Being back on WW has made me want to try several new things. Fiber One Bars being one of them. I tasted the Chocolate & Oats bar (they also make a Peanut Butter & Oats). My review? Eh...I've had better. That's what I first thought anyway. But then I had an idea. Things usually tasted sooo much better to me when they are heated up (i.e. Vitatops), so I popped the Fiber One bar in the microwave and heated it. Wow! Big difference! It tasted more like a hot fresh chocolate chip oatmeal cookie! I gobbled it up. For 2 WW points, it was worth it.

So then I went to my exercise class after eating the thing. Oops. There was my mistake.....leaving the house.

They don't call it a Fiber bar for nuttin' ya know. I was able to hold it all in until I got back to my car. From then on out, it was a rootin' tootin' heck of a day.

The Fiber One bar has a whopping 9 grams of fiber. I love that fact, but on the flip side...I hate it! Of course I will still buy these and eat them fresh outta the microwave, but there will be a price to pay. Don't worry....I won't make you pay the price. I'll stay home that day. Unless you eat one too..then we can start a band with our backdoor trumpets!

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Leanne said...

P.S....these bars do NOT taste like Fiber One cereal. No sticks or twigs at all :)

Caity said...

Good to know because I bought three boxes of them yesterday! I guess I'll have to take it slow. That is so funny.

Caity said...

I tagged you!

Michelle said...

I've tried these several times and
didn't have any problems from the fiber. Are you sure it's these bars and not something else you ate? Just wondering. I liked these ones but never thought to microwave them. I'll try that tonight - TV snack time after the kids go to bed. Unless I break down and snitch some Halloween candy. I hear those little candy bars calling my name......Michelle, Michelle come gobble us up before the boys do......

Leanne said...

Nope Michelle...I had only eaten the Fiber One before the roses dropped! haha. Remember that? Mom always called it,"dropping a rose".
I had a whole garden full of roses that day! Haven't tried one since, but I will when I get a day where no one has to put up with me.

I have a nice stash of Halloween candy from the kids too. But I haven't really dipped into them because I don't want to eat the points. Plus I'm saving a bunch of points for my birthday on Monday. Weeeeeee!