Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Era Magazine Submission

This past summer, we all went to the Country Dairy in New Era, Michigan. We love the squeaky cheese they have there and the free all-you-can-drink chocolate milk. The ice cream is yummo too. So along the way, we stopped in front of the New Era village signs to take some pictures. Jillian was excited since she frequently reads the New Era magazine that is published by our church. Thinking that perhaps if we took her picture in front of the sign, and then submit it to the magazine, they might publish it! Ok, don't get excited. They turned us down :( I guess they have too many submissions of photos and articles and they have to draw the line somewhere. Seems to me they published a similar picture of our friend Sally R. standing in front of the same sign. That was over 25 years ago though. Oh well. It still makes a nice picture and perhaps we will just put them up on the YW bulletin board at our Ward. Here they are:

Notice the Kirtland t-shirt. We were able to go their this past August. I'll do a post about that sometime. In the mean time, there are a couple Kirtland pictures of us on the left hand side of this blog. One is of the kids and cousins on the Whitney store front and another of our family as well as my sister Valerie's family on the steps of the Johnson Farm.

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Holly said...

Such a bummer, and YES!! We want it on our young womens board! :) Maybe even in the scrapbook too... Oh well, at least you tried!