Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beep...the kids can't come to the phone right now...they are back at school! Whoo hoo!

It was back to school day on Tuesday for the Weihl kids. They aren't little any more, so not all of them would let me take pictures in their school clothes and back packs (oh, I'm sorry...according to my kids, they are called,'tote' bags).

Like Holly's post, here is how Macie really felt of Mom taking photos.

And here is one where I forced her to smile and act like she was luvin' every minute of it.
Notice that she is matching from head to toe! She really likes the turquoise color along with brown. We didn't notice that her outfit matched her tote bag perfectly until later in the day. Too funny.

Here is Molly in one of her new outfits.
She is the only one who actually enjoys getting her photo taken.

Jillian would smile for the camera, but didn't want her whole body to show. -sigh-

Brycen ran to his room as fast as he could to avoid Mom's need for documentation, so there are no pics of him this time.

I won't show the picture that we took of Ava today because I didn't realize until later that she had a small amount of gag-me-with-a-spoon dog poo on her nose! She found a little pile of the disgusting stuff in M&M's room today. Ew. Anyone want a min-pin who can't be trained for nuttin'? Blech.

At least I'll always be able to find some poo for my famous p sandwiches or p salad though right? Ugh. Sorry. It's been one of those days.

Leanne Sig.

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Nikki said...

Fun to get those back to school pictures... and even better that you have this blog to add the story & personalities of each childs 1st day story. I'm not sure any of us are excited for Thursday & getting back to school

Holly said...

Cute pictures! I am glad that MOST of them let you snag a picture! First days are so much fun. Miss J's first day is tomorrow!?!? YIKES! What should I do? :)