Thursday, September 4, 2008

Try It Tuesday......Starburst Gummi Bursts

Liquid Gummies...hmmm. The kids begged me to buy this on our last grocery store trip. Truthfully, I was only able to try about 4 pieces because the bag was small and I have sugarholic kids. But I did try to vary the flavors.

I loooove Starburst candies. I love the original flavors of Starburst Candies. I even like the lemon. Mmmm. I thought I would love the Starburst jellybeans that came out a long time ago too. But I didn't. I was expecting the jelly beans to actually "taste" like Starburst candies. But they didn't.

So along comes the Starburst Gummi Bursts. Do I even dare to hope that they would taste like the original Starburst candies? Don't bother hoping, because surprise, surprise...they tasted nothing like them. It was just like eating Lifesaver Gummies. Except that there was a liquid center in the Starburst Gummi Bursts. I did like the liquid center. It wasn't too overpowering and tasted good. But each flavor was just like the Lifesavers to me, so I wasn't very impressed. Bummer.

If I had sum up the Starburst Gummi Bursts in one word, it would be......ordinary.

Sorry for the negative review. Maybe I set my expectations too high. This review is all my personal negativity...and perhaps you might like them. So go ahead and try the candies...If you like Lifesavers Gummies, then you will adore Starburst Gummi Bursts. :)
Leanne Sig.

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Holly said...

I have no idea where you find the things you do. I have never even seen these! Keep up the good work though. It is so interesting! I almost even tried the flat earth chips... (Duh, they were even FREE!!)

Leanne said...

The Starburst Gummi Bursts were at Meijer in the candy aisle across from the cereal.

Hey, I never give up a free taste. Are you crazy?! They make some of the Flat Earths without dairy. The fruit ones I think. I have yet to try those tho. Bet they are good.

Caity said...

That is sad. I saw the title and got so excited! Come on Starburst!