Saturday, September 13, 2008

Something To Think About Saturday

I love this quote that I found! It reminded me of a few times when I thought people didn't like me, and I had heard others say they thought these people were a little rude and stuck up. But then I got to know them and realized it was just their personalities that made it seem like they were stand off-ish. They weren't as bad as I had imagined them to be.

Another time, I had met a lady and thought she was a quiet and a tad strange. But I was prompted to get to know her better and now we talk a lot. We spend time together and I've realized that yes, she is a bit different, but she is still my friend and we still have some non-strange things in common. Ok, now all of my friends are going to wonder if I'm talking about THEM! Keep guessing girlies....it could be you...hee hee.

Leanne Sig.

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Nikki said...

I totally agree. In Middle school there was a girl who I remember saying that I "hated"- probably was more of a preteen jealous of her kind of thing. She was a teachers pet and so smart. Turns out got to know each other & we ended up being best friends!

Beth Soelberg said...

Yep. I'm quiet strange, stand-offish. Could be me! ;)

I realized this same thing my fourth year of Girls Camp, when all of a sudden I was close friends with people I had thought I'd never, ever like. Go figure!

Awesome quote, by the way.

Andrea said...

Thank you. I needed that. I am feeling both the part of the person they don't like and person who doesn't like. Being in a new, very well established ward, is a challenge sometimes. I have found that most of my dearest friends I haven't liked at first. In fact the word "dorks" comes to mind. But I love them all.

Holly said...

Ok- I know EXACTLY who you are talking about- no question. :) SOOO true!! :)

Geat thought and it really does make you think.

BTW I love the kisses & Cake music. No words to confuse my mind when I read. The less distractions the better for my ol noggin!

Caity said...

I have a pretty good guess. Okay, maybe not. I know it COULDN'T be me because I am not strange at all :) Ha! That was my way of making a joke.

I really like what Abe said because it is so true. We judge people before know what's really going on or who they really are. So many of my favorite people were people I originally thought I wouldn't like for some reason or another.