Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Try it Tuesday......Archer Farms Flavored Spring Water

Well, I have no picture of the Archer Farms flavored Spring Water because there doesn't seem to be any on the net! I threw away all 8 of my bottles because I just assumed there would be a photo. There are photos of the Archer Farms Fortified Water bottles tho.

But I didn't try the fortified water! Ugh.

Archer Farms is exclusively sold at Target or Super Target stores. I've already reviewed this brand and have enjoyed most of the foods/drinks that I've tried. I really wanted to try the flavored water when I ran across them. The 2 flavors that I picked up were, Lemon Raspberry and Blueberry Tangerine. Mmm. Sounds yummers! The water packs come with 4-20 ounce bottles for about $2.99. The water is clear and no sugar. 0 calories. That's my kind of drink!

I love my water cold, so I promptly refrigerated them.

First, I tried the Lemon Raspberry. Wow. -Insert sad face here-
I didn't taste any raspberry OR lemon. What's up with that? How disappointing.

I thought it might be a glitch in my taste buds, so I opened the Blueberry Tangerine. Same thing! It didn't taste anything like blueberry OR tangerine! What a rip.

Either my taste buds are deceiving me, or this flavored water is totally screwed up. Did I get old water that had been sitting on the shelf long enough to change the flavor? I can't even describe what the flavors really tasted like. They were both sweet, but no real distinct flavors.

For such a great brand and a nicely designed bottle, I would expect better flavor. Has anyone else tried this water? I'd like to hear what others think about the same water. Now, I will be trying the fortified water soon. I refuse to give up on Archer Farms! The fortified water has flavors like lychee and also lavender. Sounds intriguing doesn't it?

I did find a website that has video reviews on the Archer Farms flavored water, but I can't get the videos to work. Here is the link anyway in case you're interested.

2 negative reviews in a row. Sorry!

Next weeks should be better since I am going to review the new Pringles flavors that Wal-mart is now selling. They are called Pringles Restaurant Cravers! Some of the flavors are Cheesy Fries, Onion Blossom, Slow Cooked BBQ and Mozzarella. They sound delish and they are still only $1 a can. I think Wal-mart might be the only place that sells these flavors, just like the Honey Mustard that my family dies for. I know a lot of people don't like shopping at Wal-mart, but I am at a point in my life that I have to save as much money as I can. Wal-mart has cornered the market on low prices, so that's where I tend to shop the most. I do, however, go out of my way to shop at the Wal-mart furthest away from my house because it's newer (meaning cleaner) and I can always find a parking spot. The Wal-mart closest to my house is always jammed with cars and jammed with people so I have to wait in loooong lines to check-out. It's worth my gas to go a little further I say.

Anyway, until next week....happy blogging.

Leanne Sig.

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Gretta said...

I haven't been impressed with the flavored water. I prefer either just straight water or juice. Flavored water to me tastes too weak. I do like the lemon flavored water I think the brand is Nestle though.

Leanne said...

I think that's the Pure Life water by Nestle. I love the lemon flavor too. I think that's my favorite so far. I usually drink one flavored water during the day and then fill it up with regular water.

I love juice, but can't justify spending calories on drinks. I do drink the light OJ sometimes, but not often.

MEGAN said...

What a bummer! Again, you have saved me from spending money on something I probably won't like. Will you do a few movie reviews sometime too?

Leanne said...

I would love to do movie reviews. I can't really do the ones that are still out at the theater though because I just don't go enough. I only saw one movie all summer. I watch a lot of newly released videos though as well as anything on HBO, Starz etc.

I did do one review of the movie, P.S. I Love You, but I don't think too many people agreed with me on my opinion of it. I loved that movie. It's not my all time favorite, but I still really liked it.

Did you have any movie in mind Megan?

Oh, and by the way, after you blogged about the Bee Movie, we ended up watching it and Ava loves it! She's only 15 months old, but when that movie is on, she is glued to the t.v. There is even a commercial with a cartoon bee (the Nasonex one) and she will perk up if she sees it. Too funny.

P.S...the songs on my blog right now are ALL from movies. I need to get them on my ipod :)

Whew! What a long comment! Sorry.

Leanne said...

I realize my last comment makes my family look like a bunch of lazy t.v. watchers. lol. Ava isn't in front of the t.v. THAT much. haha.

Nikki said...

I thought a lot about you at Target today- avoiding theeh Archer Farms waters and looking for oteh Dial Yogurt Hand Wash. :) What an influence you have on me- use it for good! ;)

BTW- we like Vitamin Water- greg drinks it A LOT. I like it but don't drink it often because it takes points. I guess tasty water only comes with calories! :)

Caity said...

Oh sad. I see something new at the store and I always think of you and whether or not I should try it. I just love it! I do love the idea about movie reviews too!

Leanne said...

I agree about the Vitamin Water taking too many points. I'm a firm believer that drinks should only be 0 pts. Unless it's some light OJ once in a while or a yogurt smoothie that is. Jillian looooves Vitamin Water and so does my friend Leslie.

I always end up drinking Fruit 2-o or the Nestle Pure Life flavored water. Or I like the Crystal Light individual packets.

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