Sunday, September 28, 2008


My friend Leslie sent me a link to take a Personality Test on Youniverse. It's pretty cool and actually is pretty close to who I am in some ways. Take a looksee at mine and then go try it yourself at Youniverse. They also have other quizzes to take. You can discover what kind of traveler you are, which famous star that you match, take a quiz about your well-being, explore the way your mind works, or see what kind of movie buff you are and so on. You can even network with your friends and other people, but I'm not really into that, although it's a cool idea.

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

PS...Are you getting sick of my music when you log on my blog? I'd like a quick poll from people to see if I should can the music. I like it, but it can get a tad annoying, so let me know if you think I should chuck it. Thanks!
Leanne Sig.

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MEGAN said...

I love it when you share fun stuff like this!

Gretta said...

I like the music choice. I don't like it when Connor turns the speakers way up and then I go to check your blog and get blasted out. One of these days I would love to add music to mine too but I would rather catch up first on my blog and then I will add fun stuff.

Holly said...

I told you this before. I don't ususally like music on blogs because it is distracting to me when I am reading. (I can't do two things at once I guess!!) I usually just turn it off before reading. I will say the instrumental music you have dosen't bother me at all. I guess when there is music I want to sing, even if it is just in my head, and I can't sing and read at the same time.. Does that make sense?