Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Try it Tuesday.....Hershey Goodies Straight From The Factory!

I know, I know. It's about time I got back on track with Try It Tuesday's! Summer is always busy and I just haven't had the energy. Plus, I have to fight with 4 kids to use the computer on summer days. One computer doesn't really work for 5 people.

Anyway, we went on a trip with the hubby (he had business) last month and stopped in Hershey, PA! What can I say about this sweet town?! It's cute, it's quaint and smells sooo yummy. I'm not kidding. We rolled our windows down and could get nice, big whiffs of cocoa coming from the Hershey Chocolate Factory. The whole town is centered around the highly popular chocolate. Even the street lamps are shaped like Hershey Kisses!
The street names are just as sweet.

Before I get to the review, here are a few more photos that I took while we were there. Please bear with me on the pictures...I'm not so great at taking them from a moving vehicle!
Heading into town from the east (we were in Lancaster, PA first), we were greeted by a yummy sign.
It's kind of hard to see, but the bushes spell out, "Hershey Cocoa". The real factory is behind it.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun for the kids (Molly is in the photo above). But I was a bit let down because I really wanted to see the whole process in action. Instead we got to look at fake candy bars being made. *sigh*
And fake cocoa beans rolling down the conveyor belt.
One fun thing about this tour, was that it wasn't a walking tour. We rode in a fun car (of course I didn't take pictures of that part because I just didn't think of it! Duh) that took us along and spun us around to see things. Ava especially enjoyed the cute cows with their moving heads singing about how the chocolate couldn't be made unless milk is used.
After the free tour (which we took one more time after this I might add) we watched the cutest 3-D movie! This wasn't free, but $5 for kids and $6 for adults wasn't too bad. I thought it was just going to be 3-D, but it was interactive too. We had great fun watching Ava try to grab the floating Hershey Kisses and Milk Duds, while we also got sprayed with sweet smelling cocoa, sprayed with 'milk' (water) and confetti dropped on us all while our seats wriggled and things felt like they were tickling our legs! Great fun I tell ya. I felt like we were at Disney for a bit!

We could have gone on to a chocolate tasting adventure show, but time wouldn't allow. Those shows filled up quite fast. We did get to see a Reeses Nascar race car though which thrilled Brycen. Doesn't he look thrilled?
There were plenty of other things to do in Hershey.... like take a trolley tour, go to the Hershey Museum, learn how to make chocolate etc. But time wasn't on our side. Plus, it was expensive and a man who worked at Chocolate World said the kids would get bored because most was geared towards adults. And to think I believed him and and we didn't do any more fun things! Later, I heard they were still fun for kids and that we just should have atleast gone to the museum. Oh well. Next time.
While in Hershey....well, everywhere we went in PA actually...I saw the most beautiful homes. They love to build with stone and I love to gawk at all the beautious architecture! There were a few mansions right on the main drag in Hershey that were SO lovely, but I couldn't get a good shot of them. I did, however, get one of this small stone home. It's not a great shot, mind you..but it shows some stone that I just loved! I could have just walked all along this main road if hubby would have let me. Even in the rain! Yes, it rained all day while we were there. :( Our oldest daughter, Jillian couldn't come with us on this trip because she had to work, but we brought back a large personalized Hershey Bar for her to munch on. Speaking of candy, the Hershey Chocolate World really pushed the shopping! The main area is one big store with anything and everything you would want to eat, wear, play with or cook with. Anyone up for some tiny Hershey Kiss shaped salt & pepper shakers for $15?! They did have some cool vintage looking tins and vintage looking shirts, but we passed on them. Actually, the prices on candy weren't too bad. No mark up in the price...they were the same that I pay at Target. I thought for an attraction, they would have sky high prices. But I guess they really don't need distributors with the factory so close do they?! Ok, on to the Try It Tuesday part! After both the free tour and the 3-D movie, we were given little treats! They were both new products, so I thought they would be perfect to review. After the 3-D movie, we were given Twizzlers Sweet & Sour Filled Twists. Below is not a great photo. Sorry. I know it's out of focus, but atleast you get to look at the beautiful sarong (is that the right word?) of the person behind the candy.
These taste lemony (yellow) and cherry. The insides are a soft candy that packs a punch! I'm not much of a fan of the sour part, but my kids loved them! I'm not sure if they are in stores yet, but when they are, I'm sure kids all over will like 'em.

After the free 'factory tour' (blech), we were given little handfuls of the new Hershey Chocolate Meltaway. I have no idea if these are out either, but I doubt they will make much of a hit. I wonder if they are a limited edition. They remind me of the Hot Chocolate flavor that was out last winter. They are tastier than the Hot Chocolate, but like their Meltaway name, they melt away *in*your*hand*. Once you take them out of the foil, don't wait too long to actually eat it. The soft center makes them melty all right.
And there you have it. Our small little jaunt to Hershey, PA. Next time I go, I'm going to visit Hershey Gardens plus I'm staying at one of their hotels and soaking in a chocolate bath!
More to come about the rest our east coast business/vacation trip! A little Fairfax, VA, Washington D.C. and a small trip to the Washington D.C. LDS Temple!
This sign on the factory tour building explains that it's a free tour. I was expecting to see 'real' chocolate being made in a 'real' factory. Nope. Not gonna happen. The whole thing was a fake tour.
We are now entering Hershey's Chocolate World! Inside is the free factory tour, shopping, eateries, a 3-D movie etc. Plus the theme park is right next to this building below.

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Beth Soelberg said...

What a fun trip! You should have more "Try It Tuesdays" like this one, right? :)

That sounds like a great destination...plus, candy...

Gretta said...

I want to try it all. I could pass on the Sweet and Sour Twizzlers though. Sounds like a fun trip. I really need a vacation.

Nikki said...

Thanks for doing this post. We keep going back and forth about going here some day. I really appreciate your opinions and info! Sounds like a good time- how can you go wrong when chocolate is involved?!

Holly said...

So great to see pics from the trip! I can just smell the chocolate all over this post! :)