Friday, December 7, 2007

It's her birthday!

I haven't seen my friend Tami in soooo long...but she is still the best friend I could ever ask for! I have to pay homage to her on her 29th (hee hee) birthday!

We had some good times growing up and there were tons of pictures to choose from, but I went with the ones from the photo booths. There were several taken at different times, so I guess we really liked these crazy booths!

These 2 photos were labeled August, 1985 at the Eastbrook Mall. I don't think they call it that any more. Is it even a mall now?

This one had no label, but I think it might have been taken at Cedar Point in 1985 or 1986.

This last one was probably in 1985 also. I don't think I've ever had hair as short in my whole life as I did back then. It was a temporary "try it" for me. I prefer long hair, but Tami always looked good in short. Maybe I was trying to copy her since I looked up to her so much :) Or maybe I got talked into doing it by some person who now lives in Georgia!!!! Yeah, that was it....haha

I doubt Tami will ever see this post because she doesn't get online much, but I've been thinking about her lately & wish her fun and relaxation today with a splash of chocolate :)

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Megan said...

Leanne, you...are...a...STUD. Oh, I love you!!!

Holly said...

I love you Tami! Happy 29th Birthday! :) Leanne- I love these "vintage" posts you do. Keep it coming! :)

Leanne said...

Uh oh...Holly said the "V" word. Now I know I'm old.

Nikki said...

Tami is the best! My best friend since the day I was born, my confidant, my teacher, my protector, my spiritual example, my singing partner :), etc... etc... etc...
Happy Birthday Tami!!
Love the pics!

Caity said...

That's great! I love those pics! I think you could do a short hair cut! It looks pretty rad, especially with the curly fro. Man, I was born at the wrong time.