Friday, December 14, 2007

Molly's Moment

I keep posting photo layouts etc of Ava and not enough of my other kiddos. I really do love them all equally, so here is one of Miss Molly! She had a 5th grade choir concert on Tuesday at RPI.

JC curled her hair and we put a splash of lipgloss & blush on. They all had to wear white tops and black pants so they would match. She had been practicing her Christmas carols for the longest time. Weeks! She did a wonderful job singing with her group. It was hard to take pics of her actually up there singing (tall people in front of me....note to self: get there earlier next year for a better spot!), so we took one of her afterwards. Molly has a great singing voice and I can frequently find her writing her own songs. She also likes to scrapbook and draw like her Mamma :)

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