Saturday, December 15, 2007

Which direction do I go in???

I need some help! I realize I'm asking at the last possible moment, but I can't seem to come up with an idea for a teacher gift for my kids teachers this year! I am doing the, "rootin' tootin" one for a guy teacher (give a can of rootbeer and a can of baked beans with a tag saying, "Have a rootin' tootin' Christmas!"), but I don't think that one is appropriate for all the female teachers for some reason...hee hee.

I could use some ideas from you bloggers out there. I've looked at several blogs including the ones that I even posted about, but I'm just not feeling it yet.

I'm usually not too bad at picking out gifts like some people,
<----(think A Christmas Story), but I'm guilty of giving things in the past to teachers only to realize now that they probably didn't like them! Example: I've scoured the internet and have realized this.....teachers don't usually like to receive anything with apples on them, they don't like mugs, ornaments or even chocolate! I wouldn't dare give them an apple related thing but I've been giving them
Godiva chocolates for the past few years. Just a small box of them, but still better than cheapo chocolate. I'm still thinking that would be a good idea wouldn't it?? How can chocolate be a bad thing?!

I did read more than once that teachers enjoy getting thank you notes or any kind of handwritten card or drawing from the child. Hmmm.

So based on that, only thing I can think of to give Mr. B's 3 teachers is some sort of written note made in a nice way (digiscrap?). I was also thinking that it would be a good idea to go that way this year because I'm really low on cash. Thoughtful, yet cheap! That's me! My idea might include having him write a note to his teacher (who is our friend from church ya know) saying how he would spend a million dollars on her if he had it to spend. That could have cute results.

So what do I do for the girls teachers now? They are both in 5th grade and have several teachers. Keep in mind I'm not made of money, so gift cards are definitely OUT. I figure most people who will read this will have teacher gifts to give so.....can you help a sista out by letting me snag your idea?????????

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Megan said...

Teachers are hard, huh? I had a whole handful of people this year who I felt like I should give a little something to, but I didn't want to spend a fortune or get them something they wouldn't really like. So... I just figured everyone likes chocolate and got Gift-Wrapped Truffles from Sam's Club. They are already wrapped really beautifully (Yay!) and cost about $10. I know it's probably bad to give people "naughty" food, but my chubby self just can't honestly imagine anyone not liking chocolate! :) Just to cover my bases though, I printed out personalized (scrapped) cards that said "We hope this doesn't get us in "truffle", but we wanted you to have something as sweet as you are!" I know it's lame, but that's the best I could do. :)

Leanne said...

Not lame at all Megan! Sooooo cute! I love it. I like that the truffles were wrapped already. I might have to head over to Sam's now. Thanks for the help.:)

I'm with you on the chocolate thing! I only know a few people who don't care for it. But then again, I'm a chocoholic, so I can't imagine not liking it or wanting it as a gift! Mmm.

Megan said...

I forgot! Another thing I was going to try this year is an altered paint can. They are so cute and pretty inexpensive to make. You've probably already seen them, but Google "altered paint cans" for some cool examples and inspiration.

Leanne said...

Yes! I like the altered paint cans. I also like altered clip boards. Soooo cute.