Friday, December 28, 2007

Macie Boosies

Backing up a little bit....I'm finally getting around to Macie's birthday post. This time of year is always full of hustle and bustle, so it's not surprising that I didn't have time before now to post it. Her birthday was December 18th.

What can I say about Macie?! She has so much personality!

~She is feisty (I suppose that comes from starting her life out that way...seems she had to fight to live, so she might as well be feisty for the rest of her days!)
~She has a high tolerance for pain (she once had her fingers caught in a glider rocker and didn't make a peep as it was rocked over her tiny fingers over and over!)

~She is animated (you should see the goofy faces she can make!)
~She is a cuddler
~She tells what she thinks (is ALWAYS telling me that she loves me)
~She's a follower (that could be good or bad!)
~She can also be a good leader
~She's a planner (always cooking up schemes haha)
~She's a babysitter (sooo good with Ava)
~She's a fake burper (can't actually burp due to the nissan surgery)
~She is a tooter (again, because she can't burp! It has to come out somehow right?!)
~She is a laugher
~She is a songbird (she thinks we can't hear her while singing in her room, but we love it)
~She is a lover of Hannah Montana
~She is a lover of CHOCOLATE! She has eaten about 3 pounds of it just this Christmas season alone!
~She is a big lover of BROCCOLI!
~She's a beautiful spirit sent to us at just the right time and we are grateful for her every single second of the day.

Here are some random pictures that are my favorites of her.....

First here I am pregnant with her and Ricky at 30 weeks along. I delivered them about 3 days later...can you imagine how big I would've been had I gone another 10 weeks?! Whoa! Excuse the way I look...it was in the hospital just after I woke up that day...plus it was 12 years ago so give me a break will ya?!

Insert baby picture here. Ok....no baby picture has been inserted. For the first few months of her life, we kept her indoors due to her condition, so she didn't get any professional photos taken. I didn't get any until she was much older and would you know it....I can't find them. What kind of mother am I?!

Anyway, here are some of my favorites of her after the baby years:

It's not that visible in the post, but I love this picture because both of her front teeth were missing!

And now for some recent photos of the newest YW in the N.M. Ward.......

See? She's a big time cuddler!

And here she is just yesterday after she got new highlights in her hair, that she paid for herself by the way. Why do they have to grow up soooo dern fast?! Next thing I know she will be married with kids of her own!

And of course I can't forget that she shares a birthday with her twin...my "sweet boy" Ricky. The photo was when he was a couple weeks old. That's my dh's wedding ring on his arm in the photo. He was only about 4 pounds when he died. He may have only lived for 3 months, but we will never forget the impact he brought to our family. He is missed more and more each day, but dh and I are blessed to know we have a perfect child just waiting for us. He was too perfect to be here on this earth very long, but he did the work he was put here to do. He stayed just long enough to make sure that Macie would be healthy and enjoy a full life. I'm not going to get in too deep on this subject since this year seems to be a bit sadder for me than the past few. I always have the "what ifs" and "should have beens", and this year is no different, but I know where he is, I know he is safe and happy and I know that HE knows I love him and miss him. And that I did all I could do to keep him here but it wasn't the plan that Heavenly Father had for him.

Ok, enough of that sappy stuff!
Next month I'll have another birthday post, but for Molly. She is jealous that Macie was first, so I had better gather some pictures of her too! haha

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Nikki said...

I can't see the pictures- maybe they'll come up later... but she sounds like a cute girl! I'm sad that this is a bitter sweet moment for you though. I cannot even imagine losing a baby.