Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Try it Tuesday

Say it with a KISS
I said I might try the seasonal Hershey Kisses this week didn't I?! Well, yippeedoo, I had fun with this one! Everyone knows that I'm a chocoholic. I might be trying to lose weight, but I've learned that I can still eat my favs without going overboard.

Here is what I tried yesterday...and today....and will probably try again tomorrow..hee hee

Mint Truffle Kisses

These were pretty good, but I've had better :).The kisses are dark chocolate with a creamy green mint center.I can't say they were anything extra special though. I love chocolate and mint together, but these were a tad bit bitter. I'd prefer to stick with a York patty or the new 3 Musketeers Mint. Even Palmer brand has a tastier mint chocolate than Hershey's. I might not be a big fan of Hershey mint truffle kisses, but I'm still going to try plopping one of these critters into my diet hot cocoa today! I bet that will taste mmmmm.

Candy Cane Kisses

Now these little babies are something to try again! I wasn't expecting to enjoy these because there isn't real milk chocolate in them. BUT...they are truly yummy! I think they taste a bit like white chocolate with a minty flavor. The most unexpected surprise was the candy bits inside! YUM! Little pieces of candy cane made my day! Ok...maybe I better set my sights higher if this were to be the highlight of my day. Anyway, I say TRY THESE before they are gone for the season.

Hot Cocoa Kisses

These were the least impressive of the 3 Kisses. I shocked myself by not liking them as much! Wow. I figured these would be great, but they aren't anything special in my opinion. They are milk chocolate with a creamy center. They actually remind me of plain old truffles. I'm not sure what I was expecting hot cocoa flavored to taste like, but personally, I'd rather have normal Hershey Kisses. Brycen agrees with his Mom and wouldn't even finish the one that he took out of the bag.

So there is my opinion of the seasonal Hershey Kisses. Now it's your turn to go out and get them....or heck, just come over to my house and try mine so I won't eat them all! Oh, and did you know that Hershey Kisses came to be in 1907? And they think the name, "Kisses" came from the sound that the machine would make while manufacturing the shaped chocolate candies. Hmm...interesting.

Seen in an online ad: Krispy Kreme snowman doughnuts! Shaped like a cute little snow person.I guess you can special order them with your choice of fillings for an extra $1.00 a dozen. Get 'em fast because they are only available until Dec. 31st.

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Nikki said...

Reading your blogs always seems to make me hungry! :) Just keep including those ww points so I know if I should get them or avoid them! :)

Leanne said...

Sorry about forgetting the points!

They are all pretty similar in fat and calories...the candy cane ones have 10 more calories as the others but 1-2 less fat grams.

Candy Cane Kisses: 5 1/2 pts for 9 or 1pt for 2 (1.18 pts to be exact)

Mint Truffle: 5 pts for 9 or 1pt for 2 (1.14 pts to be exact)

Hot Cocoa: 5 pts for 9 or 1pt for 2 (1.12 exact)

I think I calculated that it's about 1.68 for 3 of the hot cocoa kisses and since they are so close in nutritionals, I'd say it's about right for all of them. I thought the hot cocoa ones would be higher in fat and cals, but it's not. Go ahead, eat your 3 kisses! haha. I still didn't get around to adding one to my diet hot cocoa, but I plan to do that in a few minutes. Mmmm.

Leanne said...

Oops....I said the candy cane ones were 5 1/2 pts for 9, but the exact is 5.40. The exact for the mint is 5.37 for 9 and the hot cocoa is 5.28 for 9. I don't usually pay attention to exact points, but some people do, so I thought I'd add them this time. Personally, I would count them as 5, but I never eat that many at a time. I usually have 2 for 1pt.

Boy, I made this complicated didn't I?! hahahahahaha

Holly said...

I am intrigued by the candy cane kisses! I wish I could have one. Oh well, maybe one day! Mint truffle and hot cocoa- not so much. I can totally imagine what the mint ones taste like. I have had stuff like that. Did you try one in your hor cocoa yet? :) I LOVE TRY IT TUESDAY!

Michelle said...

So how many WW points for the whole bag? Not that I'd eat a whole bag in one day but.......lol! I did try those mint truffle ones and I agree with you. They do have a bit of a bitter mint taste. I prefer the Andes mint chocolates - good stuff. It's more creamy and not such a sharp taste. The mint truffles kind of gave me a bit of a tummy ache. (And no, not from eating the whole bag ;-))