Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Try it Tuesday

To meringue or not meringue

Ever tried these? I looooove them. I'm a huge fan of Miss Meringue. I can't buy any flavor locally except the rainbow vanilla, so I have to order these babies or head over to GR at World Pantry to buy them. Each tub costs about $4.99. Kind of pricey, but worth it for a once in awhile treat. For those watching sugar....fugettaboudit. These are obviously all sugar.

My favorites are:
Triple Chocolate Chip Classiques

Mint Chocolate Chip

I can have 4 cookies for 2 WW points. Miss Meringues are tasty when they melt in your mouth. Mmm. I take small bites, let them melt and then munch on the mini chocolate chips that are left. Mmm. Yes, I'm very detailed :)

There are several kinds of MM's:
and Macaroons

A serving of the mini's is about 14-15 cookies for 2 WW points. There are several flavors of each kind. I think the vanilla taste like the tiny marshmallows that are in Lucky Charms cereal. Yes, sweet as heck and full of sugar. I've made my own mint meringue cookies at home that are ok, but I prefer MM's. I DON'T suggest buying the sugar free versions. Ew. No...double EW. Not even remotely worth it. The fat free versions taste great though. I've never tried the chocolettes, Madeline's or Macaroons. Check out the website if you want more detailed info on these. www.missmeringue.com
So if you want to try the rainbow vanilla (just tastes like their regular vanilla) then head to Walgreens. That is the only place I've been able to find them. Target and Meijer used to carry some other flavors, but I haven't seen them in almost a year at either store. Big bummer.

I also suggest trying another brand of meringue cookie if you can get your hands on them. Barry Peaks. Super Walmart used to sell them in a cute little plastic cup. They had 100 peaks for 100 calories. I carried them in my purse to the movies for a perfect little 2 pt snack. Lately I've found these at dollar stores, but not in the cup...just in small bags. They aren't as sweet as Miss Meringues which might be better for those who like less sweets.

That's it for this week. I have no idea what I will try for next week. Maybe those new honey mustard Pringles!

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