Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanksgiving rewind.....

Beep, beep, beep...back up the truck! I realize it's Christmastime, but I have to rewind to November and Thanksgiving Day. I loved the, "I am Thankful for" poster that Megan and Caity did, so I borrowed the idea for my own family. I hope M & C don't mind! Thanks a bunch! It's a neat idea.
Anyway, my family and I had tons of fun writing what we are grateful for. Some were serious, some spiritual, funny or frivolous. My favorites to read were:

*Lights (our power had gone out recently)
*Water (our water pump went kaput on us the day before Thanksgiving)
*The Gospel
*Turth (one of my kiddos misspelled the word, "Truth"....I love it!)
*Dinosors (my nephew is in love with the "sors"..hee hee)
*Vitatops! (hmmm...wonder who wrote that one)
*Camera to caught all our moments (again... one of my kiddos)
*Xbox and Wii (Mr. B of course)
*Miss Nelson (Mr. B's teacher at school...also a friend of ours)
*Jesus Christ
*Doors (Ugh...teenagers...she probably also wrote, "locks" on there somewhere too)

Miss M wrote soooo many things! What a grateful little girlie!

My sister Sheri who always has a grateful look on her face. She makes everything uplifting and fun. Of course I added her name to the poster :)

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Caity said...

How fun! I love the Thankful poster and I'm glad your family enjoyed it so much! You do such a good job digi scraping.

Leanne said...

Thanks Caity....and thanks again for the inspiration on the poster. As for scrappin', one of these days maybe I'll be as good as your sis!

Nikki said...

We do a thankful poster every year too. i love it- but now I wish I'd taken a picture and blogged about it! Oops!
Fun to see Sheri! She's always been my most favorite teacher growing up. How is it that she was my teacher so long ago, but she hasn't aged a day?? What a beauty she is!