Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paper Palooza

Christmas is over...thank goodness! The mess was actually quite tame this year. We didn't spend too much money on the kids, so there were less gifts. I have to trick the kids every year before the big day though. They find the gifts that I hide EVERY time! They also tell each other what they are getting so I have to make sure I shop alone. Grrr. This year I hid the gifts in a great place on....um....guess I had better not tell where that is in case they read my blog! But they never did figure it out. Yesssss.

Like I said, they didn't get as much this year though.I creatively wrapped the gifts that they did get so as to not give away what they were. My kids are really good at knowing before unwrapping. I double wrapped, triple wrapped, wrapped in strange shaped boxes etc. As the kids get older, the gifts change from too many toys to electronics etc, so it was kind of nice to not have tiny pieces of Polly Pockets all over! But, the mess will begin again as soon as Ava gets a little older. That's ok though....she is just one kiddo. We used to live in a toy store, but it's getting better now. Now I just live in Aeropostle and Old Navy stores. They all love clothing this year. Well, not Mr. B. He prefers his xbox and hockey gear.

Anyway.....anyone else take a picture of their paper palooza mess? I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoys the new year :)

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Running Waters said...

How fun! I'm glad they didn't find the gifts. Meg was awful at that, while I, on the other hand, LOVE the surprise! Merry belated Christmas to you.

Caity said...

ha, ha...that was me :)

Nikki said...

Good job keeping the gifts hidden! Now go give Holly some pointers! :) Ha!Ha!
Merry Christmas!!