Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Try it Tuesday

Impossibly good? You bet!

I'm sure other people have tried these way before I did, but if it's new to me, it's perfect for Try it Tuesday.

Flat Earth Fruit and Veggie Crisps are delicious in my opinion! Ok, I only tried 2 kinds, the Tangy Tomato Ranch & the Garlic & Herb Field...but they were fantastic!

Here is the low-down on these babies:
The company, Flat Earth, by Frito-Lay, boasts this about their crisps:

*Just like the recently reviewed Nabisco Garden Harvest toasted chips),each 1-ounce serving contains a 1/2 serving of fruit or vegetables *Naturally baked crisps
*No artificial preservatives
*Low sodium
*Made with real fruit and vegetables

They come in these flavors:
-Wild Berry Patch
-Peach Mango Paradise
-Farmland Cheddar
-Garlic & Herb Field
-Tangy Tomato Ranch
-Apple Cinnamon

I bought the two 6-ounce bags (yes, I realize these aren't near as big as a bag of regular potato chips) for $2.50 each at Target. Each bag also had a coupon for $1 off, so I only paid $3 for 2 bags. Oh...and you can also get a coupon for $1 off by checking out the website, www.impossiblygood.com. They have a cute interactive page with lots of information. If you choose to not use the interactive part, you can just click the low bandwidth button.

The crisps are much bigger than Garden Harvest chips and they are tastier! I'd pick Flat Earth over Garden any day. My favorite of the 2 that I tried is the Garlic & Herb Field. Sooo tasty. The Tomato was delicious but not ranchy enough in my opinion. But don't get me wrong...they were great. I'd love to try the other kinds soon. Target sold all the flavors except the Peach Mango.

The website says the main ingredients are rice flour and potato flakes. Each kind will have their own veggies or fruit included.

The nutritional's aren't that fabulous considering I can eat the same amount of Doritos for the same points, but I'd rather get some veggies in with no transfat and no preservatives by eating the Flat Earth.

All the flavors have pretty much the same nutritional's per 1 ounce serving....
130 calories
4.5-5 grams fat
1-2 fiber
19-21 carbs

That's 3 WW points for 1 ounce.

And for those who can't have MILK (you know who you are!)...you can have the Apple Cinnamon or Peach Mango only. Sorry. But I bet those are tasty too.

So all in all....Flat Earth Crisps *ROCK* in my book!!! Well, the only way they could be truly "impossibly good" is to make them fat free and zero calories! Then pigs really could fly!!

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Holly said...

Yea! A try it tuesday with info just for me! I must say, I have been curious when I have seen these in the store...

Megan said...

I've typed it before and I'll type it again... I love Try it Tuesday! I am going to seriously give these a try. (Don't you love Target for carrying stuff like this?)

Leanne said...

I just had to post that I'm STILL loving these Flat Earth crisps! So much that they have become a trigger food for me and I think I need to not buy them for awhile! It helps me to bag them up in 1 oz. baggies so I won't go overboard. Geesh! They are YUM!